Project results

Project results


ReGeoCities Final report Cover

This page contains the results of the ReGeoCities project, including information about regulation for shallow geothermal energy, tools for local authorities, and information about shallow geothermal and how it can be integrated into European communities.

For a comprehensive guide, download the final report ‘Developing Geothermal Heat Pumps in Smart Cities and Communities‘.

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Overview of Shallow Geothermal Legislation in Europe

Report available in English | French | German | Greek | Italian | Romanian | Spanish

Reports on National Legislation

Reports are available on the following countries

Belgium | Denmark | France |Germany | Greece | Ireland |Italy | The Netherlands | Romania | Spain (EN) (ES) | Sweden

Analysis of Market for Shallow Geothermal Energy in the EU

Versions May 2013 |May 2014 | June 2015


Recommendation guidelines for a common European regulatory framework

Report available in: English

Executive summary French | German |Greek | Italian | Romanian | Spanish

Best Practice Analysis Report

Report available in: English

Tools for public authorities


Database for public authorities

Handbook and spreadsheet to help local authorities record and monitor the installations in th for the development of a standard European Database of SGE installations.

Handbook: English | French | German | Greek | Italian | Romanian | Spanish

Excel sheet: English | French | German | Greek | Italian | Romanian | Spanish

Main aspects for integration of SGE systems in Cities and Buildings

Report available in: English

Report: Promoting the inclusion of shallow geothermal energy in SEAPS



In order to facilitate the development of national and regional helpdesks, the project has developed an online pan-European helpdesk, available in national languages, which will act as a springboard for local authorities to create their own.

Available here.

About shallow geothermal


Brochure: Make your city smarter and sustainable:Implementing Geothermal in cities

English | Romanian | Italian | German | French (one) (two)

Brochure: Shallow Geothermal in Cities

English | Romanian | German | Greek | Spanish

Factsheet: The Technology

English | Romanian | Spanish | Greek

Factsheet: Shallow geothermal in smart cities

English | Italian | French | Romanian | Spanish | Greek

Factsheet: The benefits of shallow geothermal

English | Romanian | Spanish | Greek

Factsheet: Financing

English | Romanian | Spanish

The Heat Under Your Feet

The campaign to promote Geothermal heat pumps in Europe