Developing Sustainable Energy in your City? Best Practices for Shallow Geothermal Energy Systems

23rd June 12:30-18:15
Brussels, Belgium

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Session 1: Geothermal energy for Smart Cities: Moderator : R. Pasquali (SLR)
Shallow geothermal systems: Technology and market development: B. Sanner (UBeG)
Overview of the REGEOCITIES project: J.Cuevas (AIDICO)
Best practices from Stockholm: P. Winbladh Högfors (Stockholms stad)
Best practises from the Netherlands: E. van der Hout (Gemeente Rotterdam)

Session 2: Measures to Remove Barriers to Geothermal in Cities. Moderator: B. Sanner (EGEC)
Solutions from REGEOCITIES: Parallel Info Booths

Registration of Shallow geothermal systems: database and handbook: B. Godschalk (IF Technology)/ A. Goumas (CRES)
Main aspects related to the integration of the SGE systems in cities and buildings J. Benson (SP)/ R. Pasquali (SRL)
Geothermal Training Schemes: A. Montero, (University of Valencia)/D. Cucueteanu (RGS) Part 1, Part 2
Repowermap – a tool to visualise your region’s renewable installations: A. Latham (EGEC), Instructional Video

Energy Planning and Financing of Heating and cooling Projects A. Aguilo (EC)
Sustainable Energy Action Plans – why include geothermal energy? D. Cucueteanu (RGS)/ E. Annunziata (SSSA) Part 1, Part 2


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About the Event

The building sector is one of the most important energy consumers in Europe. Shallow Geothermal Energy offers a huge potential for energy saving, up to 70% compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.

This workshop is for:

• Representatives of Local and Regional Authorities
• Policy makers
• The building sector
• Shallow geothermal and HVAC companies

The workshop will cover:

• State of play of geothermal technology and market
• How to integrate SGE in Cities and buildings
• Structural funds for Shallow Geothermal
• Experiences of and best practices in European Cities
• Registration for geothermal systems in your region- tools from the ReGeoCities project
• Training schemes
• Repowermap – a tool to visualise your region’s renewable installations (from the Repowermap project)
• Including SGE in Energy Action Plans