About Geothermal Energy in cities

Underground Termal Energy Storage
Underground Termal Energy Storage

Geothermal energy is a key technology for providing and balancing energy supply and demand in Smart cities.

Geothermal energy, from the earth, is a renewable energy resource delivering heat and power anytime and anywhere. Geothermal is a flexible technology producing electricity with a very high load factor (>80%), aiming at balancing the electrical grid in combination with variable technologies. The geothermal sector is convinced of contributing to smart electricity grids, also by the use of geothermal heat pump systems.

Moreover, in smart cities, the smart electrical grid has to be combined with the thermal grid: here too, geothermal is a good solution by providing both heating and cooling and functioning also a storage technology with underground thermal energy storage (both in low and high temperatures and shallow and deep depths). Geothermal energy can provide heating & cooling for District heating, small and large buildings, and some other low and medium temperature applications.

Regeocities will focus on the shallow geothermal systems for cities.

Geothermal heat pumps

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