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The ReGeoCities project (01/05/2012 to 30/06/2015) worked on the integration of shallow Geothermal Energy at a local and regional level. It examined and promoted best practices and an intelligent regulatory framework, supporting cities to reach their SEAPS and the 2020 climate and energy goals.


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About ReGeoCities

We stand on a frequently untapped source of renewable energy: geothermal energy, energy in the form of heat beneath the surface of the earth. By using borehole heat exchangers, SGS (0-400 m depth) can extract thermal energy to be used in the heating and cooling systems of buildings and for domestic hot water. The average energy savings, if the technology is used properly, are as much as 50% in winter and 40% in summer. The resource is both valuable and under-exploited. In some municipalities, the technology is simply not used and there is no regulatory system. In other countries, where geothermal is widely adopted, we sometimes see over regulation.


Objectives of ReGeoCities

1. Overcome barriers referred to regulation of geothermal resources and administrative procedures.

2. Transfer best practices from mature to juvenile regions

3. Document, with recommendations to develop, a common pre-normative framework

4. Engage local administrations to implement project results

5. Develop a training program focused on the target groups (administrative personnel from the cities and regions)

6. Achievement of the smart-cities concept within SGE systems


The ReGeoCities project focuses on countries with ambitious targets for Shallow Geothermal Energy.

Countries in the ReGeoCities project:

Green Juvenile GSHP market: Spain, Romania, Greece

Yellow Consolidated GSHP market: Ireland, Belgium, Italy

Brown Mature GSHP market: Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden